Each test video can only be entered for one class. That one test video can not be entered for multiple classes.

Test videos may not be entered if they have previously been judge in other competitions - UNLESS you wish to go HC.

Tests filmed previously but not entered are allowed.

Any video that is suspected to have been filmed during another competition will be disqualified unless you request to go HC.

The test MUST be videoed from the judges position at C.

Any moved filmed at C that are unable to have the entire horse within the screen will be marked 5, unless we can see the entire horse.

The test must be filmed in an arena or on a flat suitable surface and must be as close to the accurate size arena as possible for the test.

The test may be filmed on any device, but the video must be of a good quality and clear. Any test videos deem unsuitable or of poor quality will be disqualified. Please sent a week before close of entries for checking if you wish to be sure.

The sound MUST be recorded to be sure you are not getting instruction during the test.

The person videoing may zoom in and out. However the horse must be in the centre of the frame and full view at all times.

Any video entries must be in on time or will be rejected without refund.

The rider is permitted a caller, but may not receive any instruction during test.

The video must start before the horse and rider enters the arena at A and must not stop until the horse and rider have *left* the arena on a long rein after salute.

The videoed tests must not be cut and edited, they must run entirely.

Freestyle's must have music played as the test is ridden, no copy overs else you will be eliminated without refund.

All entries get a feedback video of the judges thoughts throughout the entire test.

Once you have filmed your test, you will be required to upload the video to Youtube. Please make sure your video settings allow us to view the test.

Once your test has been uploaded please email the link along with the entry form -completed- to - entries@breachlaneequinecentre.co.uk .

Payment will currently be done through BACS transfer. Please use your surname and horse name as reference.

Please be sure on your entry email that your postal address is clear and accurate. Also that you have a contact number for if there is an issue.

Once all that is complete, you should receive an email to confirm all is correct and that you are entered.

After tests have been judged and results uploaded we will send out a bulk email to let you know.


This is a temporary way to enter, until we can get the proper entry form up and running. We thank you for your patience.