2nd September 2017

Classes for Championship

Class 1 - Intro A AND Intro B

Class 2 - Prelim 1 AND 14

Class 3 - Novice 34 AND Elementary 50


Results Now Available


This is the CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW! You will be required to ride both tests in the class you qualified in. Which will have two different judges, the percentages will be added together to give our winner.

You need to have qualified to be eligible to enter. You will be required to send your qualification slip in with your entry. Although if you have misplaced these, we do have a record of all who qualified!

The high points will be announced on this day too!!! So if you are a winner you MUST be here or it will be passed to the next place!!!



Rosette and vouchers to all who enter

Sashes to Champions and Reserves

Medals to 10th place

Rugs to first place

Bridle to 2nd place

Numnah to 3rd place

Prizes in kind to 6th place in Class 1 and 2 only!

(No one goes home empty handed)



Meacham Sport Horses

Wessex Equine

Suds and Rugs

Cuddly Keepsake

Rebecca Trower

Alyce King Dressage

Rezone Coaching



Laura Ness Photography

^^^Please feel free to tag any of the above in photos, posts, ect. And thank them for their support of this Championship^^^


Our Photographer for the day is True To You Photography,

Depending on weather conditions, the photos may be taken outside in the warm up, for better quality of photo.


Class 3 will only run if we get 3 or more entries, if we get less it will be combined into class 2, although you will still need to ride the two tests from class 3.

Entry for the above class is : £25.00 which includes both tests


BAC’s Transfer payment information –

Account Name - BLEC

Account Number - 10880962

Sort Code - 30-98-41

This is to be ran as per our rules! But judges decision is final!