Any rider can enter a class they are eligible for.

Junior riders under 16 years MUST have parental or guardian permission. Horses MUST be over 4 years old to be ridden!

A horse/ rider combination may only submit 1 test per class (they are able to enter the long and short test in the same class).

Horse/ rider combinations may enter more than one class but they are not permitted to enter a class more than one level below their highest entry.

Horses and ponies can be ridden by more than one rider.

Judge’s decision is final.

Tests will not be judged if they are entered after close of date and not paid for fully before the close of date.

Rules will be adjusted accordingly as we go on, so please keep yourself up to date.


The rider does not need to wear show attire. However you must be wearing suitable riding clothing and have a smart and tidy appearance.

Should the rider choose to wear show attire, then the horse MUST be wearing boots/bandages to prove that the test has not already been judged at a previous event.

Riding hate MUST be worn.

Suitable footwear with a heel MUST be worn.

Gloves MUST be worn - preferably an opposing colour to your horse, aka: Black gloves on a white horse, white gloves on a black horse but this is not mandatory.

The horse’s tack MUST conform with BD rules. Exceptions to be made in our bitless or mufty classes. And boots/bandages with full competition riding attire.


Rosettes are guaranteed 1st through to 6th in all classes.

Rosettes and prizes will be awarded to the highest placed horse and rider combinations dependant on the number of starters per class.

Prizes and rosettes will be sent to the placed competitors via post upon completion of judging and the publication of results. We are not responsible for ribbons/ prizes going missing in the post. We will retain proof of postage.

It is the competitors responsibility to keep their address and details up to date. Should you fail to do this, and it gets posted to the wrong place then we will be unable to replace or resend.

Should prize money be awards, we will contact the winning rider via email after the results have been posted. We will sent prize money on through a BACs transfer.

If less than 3 entries per show, entries can be refunded or moved to the next month.

The prize money will be as follows:

5 entries - £10 for first place

10 entries - £10 for first place and £5 for second place

15 entries - £10 for first place, £5 for second place and £2.50 for third place