You are ALLOWED to have your test read at no extra cost

You are ALLOWED a Whip that does not exceed 110cm in all classes

You are NOT allowed Spurs in Walk and Trot Classes

You are allowed BD legal Spurs in Preliminary and above

Any Bits allowed or bitless but if in doubt please ask

You are allowed to ride in any nosebands - including bitless

The dress code is smart/casual or fancy dress

Gloves are MANDATORY

You are allowed to have a breastplates

You are NOT allowed training aids of any description including when warming up

You are allowed lead reins and people within the arena to give guidance in walk and trot and Preliminary classes only. So long as this is not a lesson!

IF you QUALIFY a set rider and horse, you are to compete in the Championship with that rider and horse... No changes!!!

You are not allowed to have other riders warm your horse up for you unless you are sharing the horse in classes.

Let us know if you are late or need more time to warm up -we will try to aid where possible

A riding hat with correct standards MUST be worn at all times when mounted with Chinstraps fastened at all times

All Children under 16years of age MUST be supervised by an Adult at all times

Plaiting is not a requirement but looks lovely

No Boots or Bandages are to be worn during test but may be used for warming up

Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

If a horse seems lame, the Steward and or Judge will be notified and you may not be able to compete

No horse or pony is to be tied up to the fencing around the show ground

Pre-entry only

Western riders and Sidesaddle riders are welcome

Please double check your music works for the freestyles, or have it saved on your phone as well.

We are easy going, and more than willing to help anyone out, please let us know.

Horses are allowed to be tied to the back of trailers/lorries with food so long as it gets cleared up.

You can enter as many tests as is healthy for your horse.


This is a FUN Dressage for Children, Novice horses and Novice riders, as WELL as the Qualifiers for those who wish to attempt Qualification.



Dressage Rules